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Gratitude Journal Day #631: Monday, 5/23/22

Can’t have magic without Monday!

3.) CH room was popping! – Last week, I had two people, me & Hector G. This week, FIVE. I’m growing, getting better each time. I even had someone message me & request an invite! Yeeeeeah. That felt great because it’s a clear affirmation and example that people are giving with this perspective. #mindsetoverbullshit

Listen to the replay!

2.) Kept up with eye patch – In the last year, Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis has begun tapping on my eyesight. Started with my right eye, redness, swollen, highly inflamed and painfully sensitive to light. Now, it’s in my left eye, same symptoms, but I’m prepared with an eye patch! 💥. That reduces the pain and light sensitivity. That’s how I do things homie. #mindsetoverbullshit

1.) Took a shower – I ain’t scared of y’all. 🤎. I’m grateful to myself for surviving, yes. The real gratification is my attitude and sense of accomplishment. I bathed before the CH room so I felt like I was going out. 👏🏽. I magnesium’d my legs with sprays and butters to ease the nerve pain. 👏🏽. It worked and calmed my nerves.

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