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Gratitude Journal Day #634: Thursday, 5/26/22

Yuuuuup! *beaming* My eye feels goooood so I’m dropping the patch today! 🙏🏽👑♿️

3.) Indeed app – This damn app gets on my freaking nerves with the constant notifications for bullshit. It goes off A LOT.

I’ve had 8 interviews this week! I had 6 on Tuesday alone. This is why I whole heartedly believe that I will have a J-O-B by Friday. (Yup, I’m manifesting this muthafugga by TOMORROW like a woman boss in a cool ass rom-com. 🤣🤣) Good looking out to the app! I’m using my health insurance license for this. Life insurance sounds amazing but I am not doing commission-only work. That’s MY business now, commission-only, but I ain’t quitting or pivoting that. 😉💪🏽

2.) Whiskey Cake! –

1.) Saw the original homie! – Yoo! The original homie, first & only dude my wife and I know. 🤨. LOL! Confused? He’s the only homie we met in college, that neither of us knew before college, but still rolls with either of us. (Perks of college! 😉) The King is doing WELL and shit like that is empowering. Seeing members of the circle, growing, improving, killing it is a roadmap to success. You know it can be done because you KNOW the person doing it. Plus, Whiskey Cake is his joint. I neeeever would have given it a chance if we didn’t meet there on his request!

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