Gratitude Journal Day #641: Thursday, 6/2/22

What and why I’m grateful today.

3.) My legs feel AWESOME – I went a couple weeks, maybe a few weeks with my legs seriously painful and a struggle to move. Last day and half has been the opposite. 👏🏽. Yaaaaay. I’ve been able to stay on the potty longer, stand longer, sit in meditation poses longer, less pain when moving. I love it!

2.) Good thing I washed towels – Summer is here. That entails regular trips to the pool. That signals a need for towels and I’ve had towels ready everytime they go. 💥. Even my daughter and company gave me compliments. *bows*

1.) Gotta another J-O-B offer! – DAWG! KING! I’ve been stressing over the Friday drug screen. Stressing and terrified. Having a 2nd offer relieves some of it and damn it, I need ALL the relief

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