How my Gratitude Journal app will work

I am determined to build something great for everyone dealing with chronic illnesses, physical limitations & terrified of the future.

The basic overview

Everyday, the app will be updated with my daily mindset OVER bullshit show (Available on YouTube and Spotify for visual. Available on Apple and Google podcast for audio-only). I’m leading each day with high-energy, inspirational talks of gratitude. A gratitude to specific segments of society starts the morning ritual. Intentions are the primary focus of the day, the mood setters. Next are the calls to the action, personal to the individual. I challenge myself to learn something everyday and dare others to follow. My habits are laid bare as subscribers are granted regular access to my lifestyle of gratitude.

This access is central to the influence of my Gratitude Journal app. Subscribers have the tool, an embedded component for typing their own intentions, calls to action, lessons, King’s Care, King’s News and more. In the Queen’s Thoughts, subscribers are treated to deep questions that entice imagination and self-reflection. Each of these elements are built into the application, styled for maximum efficiency.

How I’m including community

I’m floored by the developer’s ability to integrate community through social media. The app will allow members to connect and share personal stories of gratitude, accomplishments, ask questions and send video messages, even blast their streaks of writing & testimonials through social media. Subscribers will highlight the timelines of family, friends and more to their success!

Problems my app relieves

Interested in investing in my Gratitude Journal projects? Got questions?

How to donate towards the Gratitude Journal app development fund

GoFundMe: Gratitude Journals app for chronic illness

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