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Gratitude Journal Day #644: Sunday, 6/5/22

Can y’all guess which of these 3 gratitudes is the EASY gratitude? Comment with the correct answer and you win a podcast interview!

3.) Dominoes – We played three solid games. I didn’t win any. Matter fact, I came in booty last all three games. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣. The gratitude, the WHY, is the good time, good drink, tripping out. That was a real celebration of J-O-Bs, opportunities and incoming blessings. That was needed. S/O to my siblings for a fantastic week of visitation!

2.) No falls – I didn’t come close. 🤞🏽. I watched myself hard all night, slowed down at points, got water. Niiiiiice job if I must say so myself.

1.) Plenty of building to do – There will be less negative thoughts as long as I am building. I GET TO create the new social media calendar so I’m organized and intentional with marketing and growth. I GET TO record podcast and video for mindset OVER bullshit. I CAN chill and reshape the website for gratitude journals. *deep breathe*

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