Clubhouse is losing people!

What I think about the news that Clubhouse is losing people and firing BIG time employees

This does not shock me at all. I’m very much interested in how social audio will adapt to an open world. 

I’m disabled. I rock and roll a couple of chronic illnesses. There is no driving, no walking, I can’t get outside my house doors without help. Life was cool beans but soooo quiet before Clubhouse. Everyone told me that the app would be great for me but resisted. Matter fact, I rebuked all recruiting of my speaking and thinking skills. They didn’t know me. People wouldn’t want my opinions.

Then, I joined and everything in my life, my perspective, my value, my growth exploded. Clubhouse brought the world to me. I could experience things, learn things, feel things, talk about things to others. To this day, my favorite rooms are centered around living with chronic illness, managing chronic pain.

To the founders, WE haven’t left. WE are still joining, building, planning and creating. WE deserve a place too. Respect to whatever you have to do to remain a valuable commodity but don’t abandon those with limitations.

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LinkedIn article on Clubhouse LOSING momentum



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