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Gratitude Journal Day #646: Tuesday, 6/7/22

Day TWO of employment. I’m feeling really good about things.

3.) Kid #4 enjoying her camp – Yaaaaay! I have no pull for her doing any sport but I am happy she having fun. She and her cousin have grown super close since the pandemic exploded video chat and made bed times universally late. 😉. Soccer and basketball gives her experience in team settings which I’m gonna use all summer as practical advice. #thinkingahead

2.) Stranger Things S4 Quick Review – I’ve enjoyed Stranger Things. Like, for real. I started it. 1st Adult joined. Kid #3 took over last season. It’s my best chance to kick it with either of them so I appreciate the Quality Time. I’m learning a few things about kid #3 as we watch; like she ducks the cheesy love talk stuff. #whew I feel safer even if she setting me up. 😉

1.) I’m the ONLY new member of my sales crew! – The rest of my sales team are not only vets, they’ve all been together as a unit for years. The company is remixing things, adding lines of business and stuff. They’ve done well enough to be kept together but under some new, “improved” commissions schedule. Growth is expected so ONE person was added. This guy, ME. They say pressure bust pipes. Well, I don’t feel pressure being drafted a championship caliber team. I feel like I’m supposed to learn my craft and build my arsenal of skills. I’m loving this after one day!

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