Gratitude Journal Day #646: Tuesday, 6/7/22

What & why I’m grateful

Day TWO of employment. I’m feeling really good about things.

3.) Kid #4 enjoying her camp – Yaaaaay! I have no pull for her doing any sport but I am happy she having fun. She and her cousin have grown super close since the pandemic exploded video chat and made bed times universally late. πŸ˜‰. Soccer and basketball gives her experience in team settings which I’m gonna use all summer as practical advice. #thinkingahead

2.) Stranger Things S4 Quick Review – I’ve enjoyed Stranger Things. Like, for real. I started it. 1st Adult joined. Kid #3 took over last season. It’s my best chance to kick it with either of them so I appreciate the Quality Time. I’m learning a few things about kid #3 as we watch; like she ducks the cheesy love talk stuff. #whew I feel safer even if she setting me up. πŸ˜‰

1.) I’m the ONLY new member of my sales crew! – The rest of my sales team are not only vets, they’ve all been together as a unit for years. The company is remixing things, adding lines of business and stuff. They’ve done well enough to be kept together but under some new, β€œimproved” commissions schedule. Growth is expected so ONE person was added. This guy, ME. They say pressure bust pipes. Well, I don’t feel pressure being drafted a championship caliber team. I feel like I’m supposed to learn my craft and build my arsenal of skills. I’m loving this after one day!

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