Gratitude Journal Day #656: Friday, 6/17/22

What & why I’m grateful

Fly Friday and yes, I’ll be FLY.

3.) First REAL food-is-medicine video – I told y’all I was coming! I even convinced my wife to get involved. 💥💥. The video will introduce my stories of wellness, using food to alleviate physical symptoms. #growth is on the the way!

2.) Got a preliminary work profile pic – *pops collar* I’m in there like swimwear! I’m using this to initiate questions at the “office” and encourage talking to ME. 😉. I’m an advertisement for everything & anything I do.

1.) mindset OVER bullshit w/ Kendrick Avant | Day 34 of 90 – EASY Gratitude!!! I could use this everyday as a gratitude for soooo many reasons, increase my vibe to BE better, review myself yesterday for changes, see my own good things to improve perspective, showcase the possibilities of gratitude journaling so others can repeat.



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