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Clubhouse (CH) Inspirational Talk: Do you love or hate your body? How can we improve and learn to love ourselves? 6/16/22

I ain’t gotta cuss

just to get any point across

BUT I build from a wheelchair 

so that makes me a fucking BOSS

Using Clubhouse (CH), Instagram (IG), Wisdom, and other platforms, I deliver high-intensity, goal-driven presentations of Gratitude that highlight inspirational moments and motivates attendees to improve themselves. This energy can be harnessed to:

⬥  promote employee retention

⬥  build stronger bonds within teams

⬥  develop a culture of respect within teams

⬥  identify leadership qualities in employees

How can this value be harnessed to IMPROVE things near you?

⬥ using love language with communication will develop closer relationships

⬥ identify your true likes and dislikes

⬥ start self-care routines

⬥ fall in love with YOURSELF

Visit to:

1. follow my journey of healing and get those wellness tips for smoking herbs, making smoothies, and losing weight.

2.) purchase Gratitude Journals & products created by ME

3.) book me for your speaking events as Gratitude increases sales by 37%

Yoo. *bows* I”m going to KEEP things honest. Testimonies do SOME-thing to me. My bucket is filled because my value is affirmed!

I met Helen and Tina using the Clubhouse (CH) app. They invited me to discuss self-improvement and action steps to avoid negative self-talk so we bounced around the topics of:

  1. Kendrick answers, “Do you love or hate your body?”
  2. Tina introduces herself
  3. Kendrick explains gratitude journaling, the difference between grateful and showing gratitude
  4. Helen explains why she started the room


  1. Kendrick on how overstanding your WHY helps you identify negative thoughts. Now, you must do something about them
  2. Tina talks social media… 


Helen and Kendrick respond.

  1. Maria is introduced and asks, “What are the three TOP tips for being better on low days?” Helen, Tina and… 


  1. Kendrick responds.
  2. Wrap up and goodbyes!

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