Kendrick Avant Recommendation: Master Mathura

My recommendation for manifestation coaching under Master Mathura

This is MY recommendation so I’m putting shit into MY words

What he does

He helps others manifest. What is manifesting? The act of thinking things to happen. When you want it, it happens. Need to get out of town? Suddenly an opportunity arises where you’re flying to Ecuador, busing to Dallas, Texas. He coaches others on manifesting their desires.

How we met

Clubhouse. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ. Come on y’all. I’m certified disabled, licensed to be wheelchair-bound. I can’t get out to THAT many places. I shared the stage in a few different rooms, over a couple of topics. It took awhile before I chanced HIS Clubhouse room over manifestation. Once I did, I ended up joining and becoming a regular listener.

When I KNEW he was different

He hit ME up about being a moderator in his rooms after I rocked the stage with Tesla’s 3-6-9 Manifestation. I knew he was on to something because I felt connected to his room. To know HE thought I was a match was a super affirmation of my direction and routines.

How he’s helping

The consistent interaction and placement in an area of people trying to manifest, talking manifestation, sharing their successes and intentions gives me a safe place to speak. Master is helping me by sharing his direct contact and responding when I message him. The focus on manifestation keeps my thoughts from going so negative, so quickly. Instead, I’m surrounded by other, manifesting and connecting. This is because I’m a moderator of his Clubhouse rooms. It’s crazy beneficial to hear his real-time advice to others so I can implement or make changes in MY life.

What has happened since I started

Number one… *drum roll* I. Got. A. CAREER! Yuuuup, I was offered a gig at two different companies companies. For the first time in my life, somebody fought for my services. Wow! The result? I have a career (Not a gig, not a J-O-B) with potential to pay me enough money to travel. Did I mention it is remote? Wait, I get FULL health insurance too! First time in over FIVE years, I’ll have regular appointments, check-up’s, specialists, freaking MRIs and DMDs like chemotherapy. This is huuuuuuge!

Number two, my Queen got a new J-O-B! πŸ™πŸ½. I know right? WTF? Where did all this β€œluck” come from? Manifestation is where!

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