Gratitude Journal Day #677: Saturday, 7/8/22

The what and why I’m grateful

Self-care Stats

Yoga – 1

Meditation – 1

Water – 75+

Manifestation – Day 15

5.) Damn it. I got WATER! – I couldn’t pee. (Retention, incontinence, Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis gives me everything.) I was really trying and bout to cry when I remembered that I had a full bottle by my bedside. #whew m

4.) The Hating Game – Needed something to watch while I was up doing my thizzle. Hulu recommended this and it’s earning a solid C. It sure has spots & hints of funny. Tell you this, I wasn’t tripping over the paycheck!

3.) T-mobile paid – *exhales* Bless my Momma soul!! Hell, I’m doing this blog because it’s paid, keeping my thoughts & fears in check

2.) STOMPED in & out the shower! – I didn’t really STOMP because I’m disabled but y’all get it. I took a shower and got clean but it’s how well I got in and out. 💪🏽. That kinda upped my crunk!

1.) Homies coming thru – Yup. This means HOUSE party! There will be no crying over bullshit. Time to party like a rockstar!

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