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Gratitude Journal Day #681: Wednesday, 7/13/22

Self-care Stats

Yoga – 1

Manifestation – Day 20

Water – 50oz

Meditation – 1

3.) These 713 Events – I can’t go because I gotta work but I’m grateful to share. I want y’all to know and feel that I’m a King, I rock with my Tribespeople. I tend to family. I fuck off these disabilities, limitations and bullshit to show how much CAN be done.

Click here for a list of 713 Events!

2.) Canceled Adobe Stock free trial – King, this booger is worth the $30/month. I see the value. I ain’t got the cash and yanking it creates havoc with everything else. I caught it this time. This and several variants. 👏🏽. Gimme my coins!

1.) Got all my PENS to start training! – Y’all, I lose at least 5-10 min looking for my pens and highlighters to take notes. I need my straight edge to create Cornell Notes. Clipboard so I can work OFF table, away from ants. I got it all. Let’s go Hump Day!

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