Kendrick Avant presents The Body System

I ain’t gotta cuss
just to get any point across
BUT I build from a wheelchair
so that makes me a fucking BOSS

Using Clubhouse (CH), Instagram (IG), Wisdom, and other platforms, I deliver high-intensity, goal-driven presentations of Gratitude that highlight inspirational moments and motivates attendees to improve themselves. This energy can be harnessed to:
⬥ promote employee retention
⬥ build stronger bonds within teams
⬥ develop a culture of respect within teams
⬥ identify leadership qualities in employees

How can this value be harnessed to IMPROVE things near you?
⬥ using love language with communication will develop closer relationships
⬥ identify your true likes and dislikes
⬥ start self-care routines
⬥ fall in love with YOURSELF

Visit to:

  1. follow my journey of healing and get those wellness tips for smoking herbs, making smoothies, and losing weight.
    2.) purchase Gratitude Journals & products created by ME
    3.) book me for your speaking events as Gratitude increases sales by 37%

Jiao Shi is a Chief Herbaceutical Engineer & Acupuncture Physician. He developed a Total Body System of healing grounded in ancient Chinese medicines and philosophies.

I’m crazy interested because I’ve been treating PRIMary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis on my own. I NEED real insight and expertise. 🤜🏽🤛🏽👑♿️



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