Kendrick Avant

Gratitude Journal Day #695: Wednesday, 7/27/22

Self-care Stats

Yoga – 1

Meditation – 1

Water – 60oz

Manifestation – Day 3

Self-talk – D

Stands – 0

3.) new shot glass – Grateful because SOMEBODY thinking about me AND got me something I use regularly. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

2.) groceries – I donโ€™t care what anybody says or does. Groceries will always be a gratitude because I get HANGRY.

1.) hiding snacks in closet! – Say mane. Yo bro. Kiiiing. Iโ€™m grateful she hiding snacks or WE wouldnโ€™t get a single snack. These kids are vicious and can FEEL summer ending.

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