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Gratitude Journal Day #702: Thursday, 8/4/22

Self-care Stats

Yoga – 30

Manifestation – Day 11

Water – 24oz

Meditation – 1

Self-care – F

Stands – 2

3.) Repurposed these damn headphones – Thy aren’t working consistently with the J-O-B. Yuuuup. Fuck AAA after Wednesday. 😱. I’m good because I did pair my headphones with my cellphone which lets me Bluetooth music again. I needed that. Really. really needed it so I edit videos without interrupting shows. Plus, they’re noise canceling so I don’t hear any outside commotion.

2.) Mini-fridge here – Our house fridge went out. Samsung is not repairing it so we’ve been hustling to get these. It’s too difficult on me to only eat fresh food. Now, I’m feeling better already.

1.) Three shower bars up – Y’all know what the gratitude is. I can clean myself again!

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