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Gratitude Journal Day #710: Friday, 8/12/22

Self-care Stats

Yoga – 30

Meditation – 9m

Water – 24oz

Manifestation – day 20

Self-talk – B

Stands – 2

3.) mindset OVER bullshit will NOT air this weekend! – This is one awesome ass journey. I’m being better. Now, this weekend will be my first break in awhile so I can get true rest.

2.) Darius White aka theotherenglishteacher – King sent us gear! Wow! Whoa! This affirmation will keep on giving because I’m ALWAYS in this house. Especially since our refrigerator went out. (We keep house temperature extra cold to make fruits & veggies last a little longer.

1.) YOU should purchase a Teacher Gratitude Journal today!! – Grateful I finally dropped a plug for my book. I promoted everyday this week and my confidence is soaring!

(Amazon link for my teacher journal)

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