mindset OVER bullshit | Day 5 of 90 | gratitude journaling to reduce school stress | Monday, 8/22/22

mindset OVER bullshit | Day 5 of 90 | gratitude journaling to reduce school stress | Monday, 8/22/22

Teachers are facing some serious challenges. Before the students enter a classroom, there’s pressure from administration, departments, state requirements, district mandates. Then, after teaching, there’s more scrutiny from colleagues, parents griping, the technical issues and ancient expectations of all involved. *sigh* 

That’s why this gratitude journal is for educators. Take a bow and settle your heart so you all can remember what went good. You can be the best parent, spouse and teacher possible by writing your WHY statements.

Kendrick Avant, Agent of Gratitude, is a certified Life Coach & former Character Education teacher. He offers NO CHARGE resources to initiate tools of mindset OVER bullshit at home, in relationships and at the workplace. For anyone looking to invest in the mental health of others and create cultures of Gratitude, schedule your NO CHARGE consultation here.

Benefits include but not limited to:  

– reduce turnaround

– improve efficiency

– authentic communication

– infuse a culture of positivity

Gratitude stories for 8/22/22

► Tip: BUSDRVERS are #1 most depressing industry in the US.

  1. “Code it” phrase will help mindset
  2. Freeway Insurance for easy & fast auto coverage 
  3. Got the tahoe back. 
  4. Found my sleep mask
  5. Didn’t get sick from eating spoiled lemons

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*bows* A thousand thank you’s for rocking the mindset over bullshit podcast!



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