Kendrick Avant

Gratitude Journal Day #739: Monday, 9/12/22

Dream Log! (Yup. This is another tool to keep your mindset OVER bullshit.)

NOTHING yet! 🤣🤣🤣

Self-care Stats x1

Yoga – 30

Meditation – 5min

Water – 24oz

Manifestation – Day 1

Self-talk – D

Standing yoga poses – 2

Sleep – 5/3 (hours vs getting out of bed)

3.) Team under one roof – Everyone is home. Exciting weekend, stuff going on but there’s nothing better than feeling all are safe under your protection.

2.) My name is “cool” – My daughter was playing with her homie. Her homie has a toy named Kendrick because it’s a cool name. She had no idea that was my name! 🤣. Instant street cred for me!

1.) Dream Log addition – Another tool to keep mindset OVER bullshit. Wish me luck because I’m modeling for Y’ALL.

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