Gratitude Journal Day #754: Tuesday, 9/27/22

What and why I’m grateful

sexXxy side of fucked up (True stories of the bullshit I MUST overcome.)

Self-care Stats x1

Yoga – 30

Meditation – 5min

Water –

Manifestation – Day

Self-talk – B

Standing yoga poses – 2

Sleep – 5/4 (hours vs getting out of bed)

3.) Celebration this evening – Yes, I am. I’m getting quite good at this stuff. Sale #4 is in the books and it came with a ridiculous affirmation. Sale #5 is a possibility but I must wait on the latest hurricane to pass.

2.) Long phone charger is back – I let my wife borrow a while ago. I didn’t expect to get it back so I realized I had it last night, I was crunk. It’s so long I can lie in bed while it’s charging.

1.) Fixed the toilet flapper! – The noise. OMG. The noise of the non-stop flushing interrupted my sleep. Even with doors closed, you could hear it over loud kids and company. Yup, that damn loud. That is until I fixed the flapper! 🤜🏽🤛🏽♿️👑 I earned my celebration this Ti-Day!

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