Gratitude Journal Day #796: Tuesday, 11/8/22

What and why I'm grateful

Whatever Log! (Random thoughts, questions, opinions. I don’t catch enough dreams for a dream log.)

Self-care Stats x2

Yoga – n/a

Meditation – n/a

Water – 30oz

Manifestation – Day 1 (messed up at lunch yesterday.

Self-talk – B

Standing yoga poses – 1

Sleep – 4/3 (hours vs getting out of bed)

3.) I fixed my own handicap shower bar!!! – Look, as cruuuunk as I am about this. I do NOT, I repeat do NOT recommend this! That being said, I’m so freaking proud of myself. Words can’t describe this energy! Let me try the shit now because I damn sho need one.

2.) Wife instead of daughter – I really am terrified of this AM neurologist appointment. I have no faith she’ll listen and KNOW she’ll report me a drug user again. That’s why I’m grateful my wife is taking me. As a nurse and spouse, I feel somebody has my back.

1.) Paycheck hit early AF! – *whew* Now, I can pay for this scary neurologist appointment. Where my MRI orderst because that’s my priority.

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