Gratitude Journal Challenge  for Wheelchair Users

The details of my Gratitude Journal Challenge

What it is

A 2-week course that builds the habit of gratitude journaling so participants have less feelings of abandonment and fewer negative thoughts.

How gratitude journals help

According to the Natural Science Foundation, over 80% of our thoughts are negative. If we reduce that percentage by 10%, it is estimated the mind has over one thousand positive thoughts.

By writing the story of WHY you’re grateful, you are actively, intentionally spending energy on something good in your life. This differs from re-wording practices or staying “positive” in that you are focused on actual events, people, and actions in your present life. These stories are personable to you and your perspective. (My first gratitude journals were filled with stories of late night alcohol, all night gaming and testing cannabis throughout the day light hours. 🫣)

Who do I help

My clients are people plagued with a negative mindset, juggling physical limitations and chronic illnesses. This is evidenced by overthinking, low self-esteem, apathy towards employment, struggling to define passion or purpose. Completing a gratitude journal would:

Who can join

Anybody! Nope, you don’t NEED a disability or chronic illness. I’m a life coach with a mission to spread the gospel of gratitude journaling as a legit tool of self-care and step towards mental wellness. If your perspective lacks passion, I can help.

How to join

1. Get a gratitude journal. You can buy one from anywhere but mine is:

A Gratitude Journal for Wheelchair Users

2. Subscribe to my blog:

3. Subscribe to my YouTube channel – – Check out the playlists! You can follow previous 90-day journeys of gratitude journaling at your pace.

4. Join my Gratitude Journal Challenge GroupMe

Gratitude Journal Challenge GroupMe link


💛 increase participation in family outings

💚 develop life goals

🧡 prioritize mental health

❤ boost communication

🧡 foundation for family chemistry

💚 discover strengths   

💛 builds leadership

❤ promotes resilience  



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