Wow! This is absolutely on point but, and I do mean BUT…

It’s the perfect example of easier said than done. I’m speaking of personal health and wellness, the pursuit of happiness. This is where a patient’s wishes, wants and needs collide with “what’s best for them”.

I, for one, do NOT desire an extension of life. I overstand that miracles may happen, cures are created yet juggling a degenerative illness floods your present and future with ugly truths. You learn to enjoy the now, despite whatever physical limitations. You grit your teeth, smile and enjoy what you can, while you can.

Mobility, vision, the ability to physically feel something are gifts that my Tribespeople and I consistently negotiate with Father Time. It’s why so many of us choose to skip Western Medicine, roll past it’s outlandish promises and costly journeys. It’s why so many Tribespeople are effectively forced into longer, slower traumas. Our family and friends are architects of gas lighting and subtle threats of abandonment.

To everyone tip toeing the delicate balance, I *bows*… Head up, guard your imagination and make what’s left count.



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