How I built mindset OVER bullshit University

How I built mindset OVER bullshit University

Where did the beat come from?

I used to be a middle school teacher waaaay back in the early 2000s. Now, damn near 20 years later, I connect with those Kings & Queens on a different level. They’re adults and show me love, tip their heads. I love it. It gets me going.

Supa Wavvy Shawney dropped a track, Ball, in 2022. As soon as I heard it, I sent him a DM. The beat sounded like something from my childhood. His verses kept my attention and I added it to my playlist. It was time to jam his whole album.

I interviewed the King, the artist. (It’s on my YouTube playlist, Interviews. Shawn ended up sending me the beat by email. Nope, I didn’t ask for it. *crosses heart* The action blew my mind. When I revised the podcast, I knew his beat would play a huge role. It is THE theme music to mindset OVER bullshit University.

Yoo. Shawn, a thousand thank you’s. I dig the community work your team does. I rock y’all podcast. This action, gift, will forever remind me of impacting young people.


The Interview with SupaWavvy



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