WE grow despite these challenges

I’m speaking to Tribespeople on this. Those who are severely disabled, managing chronic illnesses, heavy with abandonment, juggling assisted living, retirement or hospice.

Everything WE do is a challenge. I struggle to read/write texts with my legal blindness. Hell, swallowing can be a chore for me. I know I’m NOT the only one with this issues.

I’m distracted. Everything WE do is a challenge which explains our patience and perspective. WE aren’t beholden to many principles or handcuffed to high standards. Nope. WE just grow. WE adopt and grow. WE adapt and grow. WE adjust and grow. WE are special.

I’m proud of us.
Proud of how we grow.
I stand up for our perspective.
I speak of our ability to KEEP going.

This is why I created a podcast tailored to Tribespeople facing special difficulties.

This is why I developed a YouTube channel for Tribespeople.

I need US to remember our growth over challenges. WE are worth everything amazing in the human spirit.



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