We CAN “walk” away

Yoo. This one is about US. It speaks directly to the Tribespeople afflicted with chronic illnesses, handicaps, severe disabilities. It’s written as hidden instructions for the mental health of my dependent community.

WE are thebmost underrepresented population despite nationali, race, age, gender. Because we are dependent, we allow others to demean US, abuse US, hustle and rob US. We say nothing for fear of making worse.

This is why I volunteered to rock and roll, swang and bang for MY community. I’m passionate about redefining my life, my image as “healthy”. Yes, I still drank, still smoke, still destroy cookies, sweets, snacks. Know what else I do?

I use my wheelchair to ride away from negative people, trash conversations and filthy energy. Even IF it means I sit alone. I’m out. And that is the heroic piece. Being dependent will not hover over my decisions and relationships. Nooo. I will face anything and everything with a clear mind and conscience cooler than the other side of the pillow.

My days are limited but I’ll be sitting as the picture of “healthy”, unafraid of facing demons.

I AM healthy despite all the bullshit. WE are healthy despite the diagnoses and limitations.
#multiplesclerosis #chronicillness #disability #depression #abandonment

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