Multiple Sclerosis & Sports | Join Kendrick, meet Kerry | Saturday, 5/13/23 | 1p EST, 12p CST

Yoo!! SUPER DUPER thanks for joining us. I talk with former students, entrepreneurs and the chronic illness community to discuss sports, OVER-coming negativity, issues in business, college struggles, life and of course, spreading the message of Gratitude. I’ll give six questions to start us off but we do NOT stick to these questions. It’s something to get us going, less dead space, etc.

Kerry Donald (IG: @spicemankmd) is our guest!

1. Your MS story. When diagnosed, what stage,

2. Worst symptom or hardship you have? What works and what don’t. OR old school “What’s on your last nerve?”

3. Your favorite sport to distract thoughts?

4. NBA prediction? Final two? Most entertaining series?

5. Last book/series/movie you rated A?

6. Share a story of Gratitude. WHY you’re grateful, not what!

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