mindset OVER bullshit | Kendrick and Kerry discuss MS, books, movies, shows and share Gratitude stories

Aight. Back for more mindset OVER bullshit with Kendrick and Kerry. When we left off, I started telling the CURRENT trials and tribulations of my wheelchair. A DME provider knowingly gave me an inadequate Group 2 but I requested, needed, am prescribed a Group 3 wheelchair (leg braces, body brace, seat adjustment, lumbar support, gel seating, etc.). They refuse to pick it up because that means returning the monies to Blue Cross Blue Shield. Here. WE. Go.
.30 – The story continues
3min – Worst MS symptoms?
5.10 – NBA playoffs BREAK
5.25 – Kerry’s Recovery Blueprint
7.30 – Book/show/movie recommendations
10.56 – BREAK
18.20 BREAK
19.40m – Kerry’s Gratitude story
23.34 – Kendrick’s Gratitude story
31m – Closing procedures
#multiplesclerosis #chronicillness #disability #depression #abandonment

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