Gratitude Journal Day 986: Friday, 5/19/23

What and WHY I'm grateful today. I model this so others learn to put mindset OVER bullshit.

Whatever Log! (Random thoughts, questions, opinions. I don’t catch enough dreams for a dream log.)

Gratitude stories!

Remember, the difference between being grateful and showing gratitude is the WHY story. As long as you are writing your story of why you’re grateful, you can’t overthink past decisions, wish for the “good, ol’ days”, wonder how much worse your health will or question if anyone else will leave.


3.) Girlfriends – I’ve been watching it with my wife. It keeps me entertained during my nightly episodes of tremors and insomnia.

2.) Surprise lunch – I wasn’t starving. All my medical professionals tell me that I don’t eat enough nor do I eat as righteous as I claim. These sandwiches were protein-based which knocked off two birds with one stone. S/O to the Mrs. for making them. Nothing soothes loneliness like a surprise meal, done the way you prefer.

1.) Fax.Plus – *panting* I was struggling sooo much trying to submit my wheelchair appeal. Until I found this. Now, it’s done! 🀞🏾🀞🏾🀞🏾

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Next Gratitude: Saturday, 5/20/23

Self-care Stats (always taken from YESTERDAY’S activities. 🫑)

Yoga – D10

Meditation – D10

Water – 50oz

Manifestation – Day 0

Self-talk – B

Upper body stretches x2 – βœ…οΈ

Feet up 5min – 🚫

Rocking Abductors – βœ…οΈ

Side to back rocking – 🚫

Steps taken with walker – 🚫

Crunches – 🚫

Standing 3+ min – 🚫

Lay on stomach 5min – 🚫

Seated Balloon activity – 🚫

5 Arm exercises (15reps x 3sets) – 🚫

Left/Right pickup and place 20reps – 🚫

Sit & stand – 🚫

Bridges x10  – 🚫

Lay on back, abductors x10 – 🚫

Up & squats x10 – 🚫

Sit & pick up knee – 🚫

Sit & pick up heel – βœ…οΈ

Sit and pick toes/front foot – βœ…οΈ

Seated Abduction exercises – βœ…οΈ

Sleep – 6/3 (hours vs getting out of bed)



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