Be careful with THIS shit homies

Look, I admit, being wheelchair-bound certainly distorts your perspective but the enlightenment is a MF.

You must be careful with shit like this or you’re sliding into depression. As a wheelchair user, I know we blame ourselves for a TON of bullshit. In a marriage, we blame ourselves for the spouse’s communication issues. In parenting, we blame ourselves for the kids’ piss poor decisions. We accept that financial troubles are due to our disabilities, handicaps, chronic illness.

This is the proverbial “slippery slope”. I’m here to SCREAM to you, ‘shit ain’t YOUR fault’. You are responsible for YOUR mental, spiritual and physical health. Lions hunt so they shouldn’t be faulted for eating. Roosters make noise so they don’t lose points for waking others. WE are disabled so WE aren’t at fault for others’ adapting or accepting to US.

Don’t you dare despair that you wreck anyone’s life or limit their potential. Let them be them; you be YOU.
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