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This is a much needed evaluation. I’m repping the disabled community, severely disabled. There are so many of my Tribespeople, swamped and congested with toxic caretakers. Since we’re unable to escape their physical presence, we’re often at their mercy.

This is why I push writing gratitude stories in our gratitude journal. The added emphasis and energy stops us from reliving, replaying those toxic interactions, the comments, the neglect, the stress and fear. Gratitude journaling doesn’t change the perpetrator but builds our resilience. It strengthens our mindset and shifts our perspective.

That’s the Inner G (pronounced “energy”) necessary to take action. Maybe we brave a new world without the presence of a toxic caretaker. Maybe we challenge their treatment of us. Maybe we realize that the GOOD is more than we thought. Regardless the reason, we deserve a mental break from the toxic behavior.



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