MS Diary | Monday, 7/24/23 | Thoughts on overheating and hangovers

MS Diary | Monday, 7/24/23 | Thoughts on overheating and hangovers

The heat will be an issue. Even “regular mf’s” struggle with extreme heat. What I must remember are the basics, water and take breaks. I avoid water to lessen restroom trips but hell; restroom trips are my breaks too. I must take those, every opportunity. When I got overheated on Saturday, it took about 3hrs to feel myself again, ‘see my normal JACKED up limitations’, move my legs, minimize spasms. That’s not fun for anyone so 8 must do better, accept breaks and manage myself better.

Alcohol? National Tequila Day? I will participate, enjoy, rinse and repeat. I’m honest. Alcohol increases the falling risk but damn it, it’s an effective pain reliever and muscle relaxer and confidence booster. I don’t worry about hangovers because I don’t stop drinking. I taper off but don’t stop. I hydrate but don’t stop. I mix liquors but don’t stop. *shrugs* This life ain’t for everybody. I will FIND my gratitude story!



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