What service! (Monaejah Martin)

OMG. She was amazing. She was patient. She was empathic. I’m prepping her the loss of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Without the prescribed wheelchair, work-from-home is dangerous and painful. Monaejah Martin was the health agent that reached out after my inquiry into Obamacare/Affordable Care Act. Folks, she blew me away. She’s honest and high-vibing. She did EXTRA work by investigating different ways I could group my family for coverage. Example, quotes for me, wife and eldest, other 3 kids on separate plans. She looked whether my doctors and specialists accepted which plans. She called about coverage for my expensive prescriptions. She went so far and beyond my expectations and experiences. She gave me options to reschedule when I missed appointments without blowing me up like a spammer. Ohhhhhhh, FOLKS. The sleep I intend to get tonight, health insurance taken care of, strapped with contact information for an agent determined to look out for me is incredible. She even says she’ll visit my podcast, school others on healthcare options! Her service is my goal as an agent so I have THE example.



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