Yoo. Happy Purple Heart Day to you. I’m writing in hopes your company makes changes.

The interview never disclosed applicants must secure written, unconditional releases for employment. I terminated my current employment and requested the letter but it’ll take a week or so. That is not right.

When initially interviewed, training was presented as 4 weeks. It was reduced to one week with the 2nd interview. Either option granted time to receive and share the unconditional release letter but instead, I had 24hrs. That is not right.

A typing test was never discussed in the job description or either interview. I’m disabled and wouldn’t have applied. That is not right.

Now, I’m unemployed. I’m severely disabled, legally blind and unemployed. I’ve lost health insurance. This company is solely at fault because of poor recruiting practices. I’m left without an alternative. I will spend my remaining days sharing this ridiculously horrible experience with others. I will write and leave reviews wherever I can, with any and all available channels, social media, podcasts, etc.

I HATE what this company has done to me.



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