The Shirley Jones interview

The Shirley Jones interview |

Shirley Jones helps people. Specifically, she follows her passion of teaching men to manage their emotions, become better versions of themselves. She calls it “emotional laundry”.

I love her perspectives.
I dig her Inner G (pronounced “energy”)
I hunt similar passion.

Come. Allow me to introduce Shirley Jones!

First part:
How we met
Her coaching business
Advice on starting your day

Definition of a man
Shirley opens up on being bipolar
Shirley’s gift
Shirley handles rude prosp

How she relaxes
Thoughts on audiobooks
How Shirley reaches her audience
Gratitude stories!
No charge entry to her coaching program

Remember, YOU may qualify for a 30min interview of your services, products, lifestyle, etc.! Schedule a 15min Discovery Call. This is your opportunity to showcase your success and decisions!



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