The value of carrying your own water

Ohhhhh. Pure words of wisdom. I’m disabled, SEVERELY disabled so I can’t walk, stand, crawl, or even sit up independently.

As my limitations increase, I’ve learned the power of communication, love language, tone of voice. it makes a monumental difference with caretakers (family, friends and those we pay). I struggle mightily. I am literally unable to carry my own due to physical limitations.

This is where I learned the value of carrying your own water.

This is why I bust my hump with gratitude journals. I’m attuned to the value of others helping me. It heightens my perspective, grants a special ability to fill the buckets of people around me.

I’m determined to let those, in my orbit, know how grateful I am. I want them to continue the good work. I want others, disabled AF, to enjoy the bliss of help, influence people to help more.
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