You are NOT finished!

*snaps* YAAAAS! (Do people still say that?)

This is the neverending hunt for wellness, clarity, career.

You wake, start with meditation, drink the shake.
Knock off some yoga or exercise. Make sure you’re drinking enough water.

You schedule a nap, have a BM, drink more water. Hey! Lunch is prepped so it fits your schedule while having appropriate vitamins and protein.

You responded to texts, returned emails, checked mail. Ohhhh! That load of clothes or towels is done. You folded, put them away, cleaned the kitchen (Yup, making the kids clean up counts as a chore).

The day is almost over but you haven’t started dinner. You forgot to check in with Mom, Dad, spouse, significant other. Lord knows the kids’ homework is soooo tiring. Who’s cooking dinner?

And all THAT is if you’re “healthy”. If you’re disabled, you have way more tasks, pills, tablets, inhalers, medical visits, doctor follow-ups.

Yikes. I feel threatened by this quote!



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