Employees, employers, clients

Yoo. Now this is a philosophy I can celebrate on National Clean Out the Fridge Day!

As a severely disabled emoyee, I am often confused why I’m treated so poorly by employers.

I’m penalized for restroom breaks despite ADA accommodations/modifications.

I’m penalized for being late from lunches despite my movement issues.

I’m penalized for slow email responses despite legal blindness.

I’m often hired without any ADA accommodations/modifications, forcing me to adjust at ridiculous speeds, then penalized for my methods.

Rarely does an employer offer assistance for my disabilities. Trainings are outrageously negligent of my community and Tribespeople.

Yet, I bust my disabled hump for clients. I push myself beyond limitations, in valiant effort, to remain employed. At the end, I’ll know I tried my best for clients and company. Will either of them overstand their role in my plight?



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