mindset OVER bullshit Interview: Naomi Nye

mindset OVER bullshit Interview: Naomi Nye

*salutes* Yoo! First, I super duper appreciate anyone taking the time to check out what I do. Seriously, this podcast, interviews, gratitude journals, speeches are my passion.

Now, about these interviews. I’m introducing Tribespeople to individuals with stories that distract us from the bullshit of abandonment, chronic illness and physical limitations.

I’m showcasing the resilience and pure success of people that OVER-come negativity, hardship, everything aligned with generational trauma and family curses.

We are here. We been here. We ain’t going nowhere.

WE thrive and share the way up and out.

Opening with National Fast Food Day

01:00m – The value of inner peace

02:09m – Official introduction
02:50m – What Naomi does and WHY
08:24m – How being grateful helps mindset

10:03m – Her advice on technology & social media

14:17m – Who she helps

17:43m – How community affects people

19:26m – being grateful vs. showing gratitude

21:16m – What is her motivating thought?
21:45m – Pastor Nick Vujicic
24:16m – Abraham Hicks

27:24m – The skill of working through inner thoughts

28:11m – Naomi’s gratitude story

31:52m – What is watching these days?



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