True story, this entire website began in 2017. King, Queen, you gotta OVER-stand… I was at my lowest as I juggled chronic illness, marriage and kids while finding myself. From that, I learned that I am a writer. My style is unique and I offer no apologies. I will swap between the King’s English and something resembling “country ebonics” but my messages are consistent. *winks* Come rock with me!

Treat people like they make a difference

Ohhhhhh!! *raises roof* YAAAAAS! (Do people still scream ‘YAAAAAS’?) 😉🤣🤣 As a disabled employee, husband and father, I will attest to this. Despite my physical limitations and poor health, I’m busting my ass for people that treat me right. This feeling applied before my disabilities but I’m highly sensitive to it now. Treat people, your …

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