True story, this entire website began in 2017. King, Queen, you gotta OVER-stand… I was at my lowest as I juggled chronic illness, marriage and kids while finding myself. From that, I learned that I am a writer. My style is unique and I offer no apologies. I will swap between the King’s English and something resembling “country ebonics” but my messages are consistent. *winks* Come rock with me!

When employees feel respected

Yoo. This is sooo true. I work-from-home AND live severely disabled. Working remotely makes people talk kinda ‘gangsta’ all the time. Without physically seeing other, bumping into each, judging one another’s physical appearance, supervisors and employees speak in tones thick with impatience, intolerance,disbelief, and aggression. I’m often credited for my energy, respect, and unique phrases. …

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Be careful with THIS shit homies

Look, I admit, being wheelchair-bound certainly distorts your perspective but the enlightenment is a MF. You must be careful with shit like this or you’re sliding into depression. As a wheelchair user, I know we blame ourselves for a TON of bullshit. In a marriage, we blame ourselves for the spouse’s communication issues. In parenting, …

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My toxic trait

I’m not the only one. No way. There’s millions of people, struggling to BE better but sacrificing their mental health, physical health for kids and spouses. We lie about the pain.We lie about the needs.We lie about the fears, thoughts. This is living disabled. #multiplesclerosis #chronicillness #disability #depression #abandonment For more truth, subscribe to my …

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We CAN “walk” away

Yoo. This one is about US. It speaks directly to the Tribespeople afflicted with chronic illnesses, handicaps, severe disabilities. It’s written as hidden instructions for the mental health of my dependent community. WE are thebmost underrepresented population despite nationali, race, age, gender. Because we are dependent, we allow others to demean US, abuse US, hustle …

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