Kendrick’s story

This is only here because it’s either entertaining or educational. *bows* I’m growing exponentially in confidence and swagger. The website itself is designed to highlight this very fact so that I may build this dream career of traveling and speaking about the healing powers of Gratitude. Until then, *winks* and after, I will always keep a section for these shenanigans and lessons.

Kendrick Avant, Agent of Gratitude

I’m Kendrick Avant, Professor of Gratitude and owner of mindset OVER bullshit University, because I slide into any situation, share stories of Gratitude, help others BE better and leave tools to BE better despite illness or disability. If you struggle with OVER-thinking and negative thoughts, I teach how to accept reality and glow perspective.

Success & leadership

Being wheelchair-bound, self-control is paramount to success with family, friends and caretakers. Those groups of people, OUR own people have a distinct ability to press

I’m NOT humble

I’m NOT humble. Noooo. Not after Multiple Sclerosis has knocked my lifestyle into an UN-comfortable existence of wheelchairs and dependency. I know I’m special to

My thoughts on Leadership

I lead Tribespeople that are bedbound, wheelchair-bound, dealing with disabilities and handicaps. I lead them to self-care, self-love and growth by modeling gratitude journaling. The

mindset OVER bullshit

It’s difficult to forget me.I’m disabled AF, sick as shit but crunk as hell. I have a podcast over using gratitude journals, love languages and