mindset OVER bullshit University

I’m Kendrick Avant, Professor of Gratitude. This is because I slide into any situation, share stories of Gratitude, and inspire others to BE better by leaving tools that put mindset OVER bullshit. If you’re struggling with OVER-thinking and negative thoughts, I teach how to accept realities and grow better perspectives.
mindset OVER bullshit University is a podcast for those managing chronic illness, permanent limitations, terrified of life bound to wheelchairs and dependent on others. Here, I model the DAILY practice of gratitude journaling to shine the leadership you need from someone that OVER-stands the situation. Glow and grow with a like-minded individual facing adventure with the #mindsetoverbullshit

mindset OVER bullshit returns on Monday, 10/2/23

F the 40hrs. F the illness. F the disabilities. I’m coming, building, and I have a whole Tribe with me. 🤜🏾🤛🏾♿️ I struggle with depression, anxiety, DARK thoughts too. I manage them now with a gratitude journal. Writing the story of WHY I’m grateful stops the ugly mental games bc its scientifically impossible to think …

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The Shirley Jones interview

The Shirley Jones interview | Shirley Jones helps people. Specifically, she follows her passion of teaching men to manage their emotions, become better versions of themselves. She calls it “emotional laundry”. I love her perspectives.I dig her Inner G (pronounced “energy”)I hunt similar passion. Come. Allow me to introduce Shirley Jones! First part:How we metHer …

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