Inspirational Talks

Kendrick is building a business as an Agent of Gratitude & Inspirational Speaker. As a former Character Education Teacher of the Year, he designed lesson plans and instruction for students that required “convincing”. He did that through unique teaching methods and authentic conversations bridged with trust. This is what he offers to the Tribe of those seeking self-improvement. On a regular basis, Kendrick will sit before the Tribespeople to argue their mindset and heart. He will present these arguments using the language of hustlers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and star players over a YouTube channel.

Treat people like they make a difference

Ohhhhhh!! *raises roof* YAAAAAS! (Do people still scream ‘YAAAAAS’?) 😉🤣🤣 As a disabled employee, husband and father, I will attest to this. Despite my physical limitations and poor health, I’m busting my ass for people that treat me right. This feeling applied before my disabilities but I’m highly sensitive to it now. Treat people, your …

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Getting out the wheelchair for yoga and work outs

I’m getting better at social media so folks get ready. It’s about to be a BUUUUUUUUNCH of people swanging wheelchairs, banging chronic illness, giving bullshit two middle fingers and screaming, “Fuck that. I’m celebrating today, tomorrow and everything AFTER.♿️My people BEEN waiting on me. They BEEN ready to live these limitations like Kings & Queens.👑Schedule …

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