Inspirational Talks

Kendrick is building a business as an Agent of Gratitude & Inspirational Speaker. As a former Character Education Teacher of the Year, he designed lesson plans and instruction for students that required “convincing”. He did that through unique teaching methods and authentic conversations bridged with trust. This is what he offers to the Tribe of those seeking self-improvement. On a regular basis, Kendrick will sit before the Tribespeople to argue their mindset and heart. He will present these arguments using the language of hustlers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and star players over a YouTube channel.

They don’t need perfect. They need happy.

This speaks to my soul. This elevates my self-image. I’m a Public Speaker.I’m the Professor of Gratitude.I’m your Perspective Engineer. I hold these titles and professions despite severe disabilities, legal blindness and chronic illness. That’s where this quote takes over.I’m not perfect, obviously considering my abundance of limitations, BUT I know my message, purpose, passion. …

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Aristotle says, ‘Excellance…’

*bells ring* Ding! Ding! Ding! Aristotle dropped a truth bomb with this. I believe it applies to just about any human being, even those Tribespeople rocking severe disabilities. To be honest, I’m a wheelchair-bound Tribesperson. My community is laced with high levels of negativity, self-doubt and piss, poor effort. Many in my community quit at …

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The greatest threat can be YOUR mindset

Ooooo. That’s it right there. It’s something I’ve become highly aware as a wheelchair user. I thought I had poor confidence and crappy perspective before the Multiple Sclerosis. The illness, limitations, disabilities drug my mindset through the mud and yuck. I used a gratitude journal to improve my inner thoughts, elevate my self-image. The process …

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Employees, employers, clients

Yoo. Now this is a philosophy I can celebrate on National Clean Out the Fridge Day! As a severely disabled emoyee, I am often confused why I’m treated so poorly by employers. I’m penalized for restroom breaks despite ADA accommodations/modifications. I’m penalized for being late from lunches despite my movement issues. I’m penalized for slow …

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