Inspirational Talks

Kendrick is building a business as an Agent of Gratitude & Inspirational Speaker. As a former Character Education Teacher of the Year, he designed lesson plans and instruction for students that required “convincing”. He did that through unique teaching methods and authentic conversations bridged with trust. This is what he offers to the Tribe of those seeking self-improvement. On a regular basis, Kendrick will sit before the Tribespeople to argue their mindset and heart. He will present these arguments using the language of hustlers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and star players over a YouTube channel.

Kendrick using a walker

You’re wondering how a damn gratitude journal helps with physical therapy? 🤜🏾🤛🏾 I used to wonder as well. 🫣 Now, I know. Writing those stories out will seep into your words. You talk about your stories out loud. Your therapist gets crunk to see YOU. ♿️ As you struggle through motions & exercises, you actually …

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Madly in Love with ME Day

Madly in Love with ME Day I have nothing against Valentines Day. As a father of THREE daughters, one son, I accepted loooong ago that this is life. This is about YOU, your self-care, your self-esteem, confidence, worth. Do not get lost, bamboozled, bullied into sacrificing YOU for Valentines Day. You ARE the Valentines. 🤜🏾🤛🏾❤️❤️❤️

Happy Satisfied Staying Single Day!

Happy Satisfied Staying Single Day! Real talk. REAL ass talk. Being married is hard. Hard AF. Add disability, it gets soooo much worse. THEN, the issues that come with disability like, how said disability affects budget. How whatever disability changes housework duties. It gets ugly.♿️ That’s why today, I *bows* to the single Tribespeople. Enjoy …

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