Multiple Sclerosis

These categories will stream all my Multiple Sclerosis related posts, vlogs and health routines to maintain the chronic illness. I am the Primary Progressive stage and fight the illness without healthcare. These are the opinions and ideas of a King living with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I, Kendrick Avant, experienced an increase in lesions using prescription medicines. These opinions and ideas should not constitute and/or substitute for medical advice. I am one real, live, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient with MY hopes, dreams, and testimonies laid bare, in hope, it will help others to know they are not alone. This is my MS story but my Queen and kids fight the illness with me.

Kendrick Avant, Agent of Gratitude

I’m Kendrick Avant, Professor of Gratitude and owner of mindset OVER bullshit University, because I slide into any situation, share stories of Gratitude, help others BE better and leave tools to BE better despite illness or disability. If you struggle with OVER-thinking and negative thoughts, I teach how to accept reality and glow perspective.

MS Outlaws – Battling Chronic Illness and Pursuing New Outcomes

The goal is a non-profit that provides each participant with a nutrionist AND full year supply of vitamins, supplements and anti-fungus products to treat Multiple Sclerosis. FIRST, I gotta prove it will work by doing it myself and I need help. *fist bump* Y’all KNOW I accept shares too!

21 Questions about Multiple Sclerosis

I’ve put together a blog post in which I answer the 21 most common questions I’m asked about Multiple Sclerosis, healing and other stuff. The questions will be red, responses black.

Anti-inflammatory salad vs. Multiple Sclerosis

The instructions/ingredients for my anti-inflammatory salad, a STAPLE of my diet and routine. It benefits by preventing symptoms while giving the body a natural, disease-fighting boost.