Kendrick Avant

My Gratitude Journal

I advise others on the POSITIVE impact of keeping a Gratitude Journal. I make my kids write Gratitudes to reflect on their mistakes. This is one I’ll share. *winks*

Gratitude Challenge Day 6 of 7 (3.22.19):

Gratitude — Magnesium Citrate gets the number 1 spot this morning. It’s used for BMs. 🤤 Look, MS gets ugly sooooooo, whatever. I tried some other over-the-counter stuff but nothing worked. Nurse Wife said go with the magnesium citrate and 24hrs later, my shit is working again. Shout out to my 3 youngest kids for …

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Gratitude Challenge Day 4 of 7 (3.20.19):

Gratitude — My little sister kicks off today’s Gratitude, she delivered a healthy baby boy last night! I’m a five time Uncle now😁! I really should… Nevermind, that thought interferes with today’s Attitude. I’m sincerely grateful for the announcements of new MS medications. Nope, I can’t afford em but it’s great news for when I …

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