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Review | Moon Rock (cannabis)

Marijuana moon rocks are basically the “champagne” of the pot world. Some people even call them cannabis caviar. They’re made up of different pot products that are all rolled into one very potent nug and smoked. Moon Rock was freaking amazing! I thought I’d get so high that I would hallucinate. Nope. Instead, I was …

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What service! (Monaejah Martin)

OMG. She was amazing. She was patient. She was empathic. I’m prepping her the loss of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Without the prescribed wheelchair, work-from-home is dangerous and painful. Monaejah Martin was the health agent that reached out after my inquiry into Obamacare/Affordable Care Act. Folks, she blew me away. She’s honest and high-vibing. She …

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Beef | Kendrick’s review | Netflix 2023

Beef | Kendrick’s review | Netflix 2023 Everyone has seen a movie and walked away feeling that all the good parts were in the preview. Beef wasn’t THAT bad but I was highly disappointed by its turn towards seriousness. It went from comedy to something demanding introspection or conversation. I wasn’t ready. Yes, I laughed …

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The Swarm | 1min review | Amazon Prime

Are you bored in that wheelchair?Can’t find anything while stuck in the bed, waiting to be flipped or moved? Well, I got a psychological thriller for you. A woman is killing anybody that talks bad about her favorite singer. ANYBODY homie. The acting is good.The characters are good.The storyline is wiiiiild.Then, you learn it’s based …

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