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I am available for speaking engagements & coaching services. I specialize in connecting with people facing abandonment, chronic illness and permanent limitations. For years, as a teacher of Character Education, I leaned on my communication skills to bring teams together with honest feedback and amicable discussions. I continue these activities, wielding gratitude journals and showering participants with an improved perspective.

Kendrick Avant, Agent of Gratitude

I’m Kendrick Avant, Professor of Gratitude and owner of mindset OVER bullshit University, because I slide into any situation, share stories of Gratitude, help others BE better and leave tools to BE better despite illness or disability. If you struggle with OVER-thinking and negative thoughts, I teach how to accept reality and glow perspective.

A Gratitude Journal for Wheelchair Users

A Gratitude Journal for Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that can strip individuals of their independence, mobility and ability to think clearly. The consistent barrage of nerve pain and a newfound inability to sleep triggers negative thinking and poor perspective.

Kendrick offers 1-hour Inspirational Speeches

A 1-hour presentation aimed at changing the perspective and mindset of an audience towards gratitude and self-improvement. 80% percent of an individual’s thoughts are negative; by reducing that number to 69%, we spark over 1,200 positive thoughts. These positive thoughts are the goal as positive thoughts encourage a plethora of benefits like lower rates of depression, lower levels of distress, increased resiliency, and better psychological well-being.