Welcome to All Things One Love, a blog chronicling my excursion & awakening into diet, positive thinking, yoga and a prescription drug free life despite Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Throughout this blog, you will find my writings, reviews, foods, YouTube channel videos and everything I use to manage its chronic pain and aggressively degenerative symptoms. Content is organized into 5 categories for reader convenience. The ebooks, Da G.O.A.T. (Gangsta of All Teachers) and If you can’t GET better, BE better are available here as well. I hope that my journey leaves an impression and holds your interest!

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in October 2016, Spondylosis in November 2016 and terminated from employment December 2016, it was imperative that I exercise control over something in my life. I found myself getting lost in self improvement books to stave dark thoughts and lonely nights. When I found THE light, it shone in radical, dietary changes and a seedling, rugged, uncompromising belief that my perspective directly affects outcomes. I attacked unemployment with newfound strength and juggled careers in education, real estate, insurance, tutoring, credit repair, substitute teaching, even Uber and Door Dash. My blog and writings are a personal testimony of treating autoimmune disease through diet and lifestyle transformation. It is here that I will continue to share my journey of enlightenment and positivism.

The writings are organized into 5 categories and Shop With Us is coming!

Kendrick Avant, MS Outlaw – This is my original blog over diet, yoga, entrepreneurship and the tools I use to manage multiple sclerosis. (Categories box at the bottom divides the posts into 4 subcategories of wellness: body, heart, mind, soul)

Gratitude Journal – So, covid-19 is outside. All THREE kids home for online schooling (one in Cosmotology School). Wife is a RN. *squints hard* Whatever life, I was built for this and offer our journey as an open book. Everyday, I’m publishing at least THREE things I’m grateful for (suffering from PPMS, wheelchair-bound, tumors on kidneys, struggling to keep employment, bills stacking up, ONLY natural remedies for pain, blah blu blam). Why? It’s THAT important that I dance with Gratitude and prove how it improves your wellness.

That’s The Way I Feel (web series) – To increase my presence and spread the healing powers of self-love, Gratitude Journals, Wellness, etc. another King and I are releasing a weekly webchat over the Multiple Sclerosis, marriage, kids, lifestyle and everything WE do to combat the autoimmune disease. Episode are done on Thursday evening and we STRONGLY support in guest speakers, reader interactions, viewer interaction, post your questions, hit me direct, ALL that good stuff!

Food Is Medicine– these are a collection of the foods that I’m using to fight Multiple Sclerosis. My Queen has taken over the cooking duties and prepares everything according to a Pescatarian base (only meat I eat is fish/seafood), heavy on veggies and anti-inflammatory foods to keep my symptoms at a minimal. (Prevention is the KEY here folks!)

Homeschool – We pulled our kids from public school and have committed to homeschooling going forward. My Queens is heading the different programs and elements so the name has changed from Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude to MarLee Love’s Montessori. Here, I will share what is working, what is not, the programs we’re using, how the kids are doing with all this and anything that borders education of children at home. YES, dem kids have personalized Gratitude Journals themselves! *fist bump*


9 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Yo My Brother Your whole entire story and perspective are so on point….& as a fellow Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Patient as well…. I can only admire your strength and determination to improve your circumstances at the “correct” way…. I’m a Huge Fan, Supporter, & MS Buddy… Keep Up The Fight King!!!!

  2. I have had MS 50 years now and avoided almost all external voices. My internal chatter is loud enough to drown others out (no disrespect, everyone gets their own). I’ve only got answers for me.
    My only advice is in attitude readjustment. Your choices govern outcomes and a positive one makes almost anything work. So pick your poison carefully and invest yourself without reservation.
    When I was dx in 1970, my neuron said there is no tx or proven path, so go live your life (without fear, regret, self-abnegation, other’s professing knowledge of the unknowable)
    My hubris drove my wife crazy as she had as strong a nondenominational personal ethos developed through her own trials. I resisted her rock solid stance. (You can imagine what our 32 year marriage looked like – loving disaster. I don’t believe in soul mates and you ain’t her anyway.
    Sorry, love to talk on, my wife used to call it verbal diarrhea. You’d have liked her.

    1. Yoo! I appreciate your advice Brother of the MS’other. It is received. I’m digging the ‘verbal diarrhea’ bc my wife calls mine storytelling. She swears everything I say and do are a full production. I’m homebound and wheelchair’ed up so I’m always ready for a chit chat or few messages. Good luck on your journey towards wellness! Let’s NOT be strangers! 🖤💪🏾🙏🏾

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