Kendrick Avant

Kendrick Avant

Agent of Gratitude

I teach & speak on the power of gratitude journaling

to manage feelings of abandonment, fears of chronic illness & overcome imposter syndrome.

Inspirational Speaker | 8x Author | YouTube show host

"If you can't GET better, BE better!"

How I help

Gratitude Presentations for businesses to IMPROVE culture

✦ attendance will stabilize

✦ number of infractions will decrease

✦ employee absences will be reduced

✦ communication will improve

✦ emotional intelligence will elevate


a virtual university for those managing chronic illness, disabilities, terrified of living without healthcare and searching for holistic solutions. 

• daily gratitude journaling

• daily goal setting

• daily value and tips

• life coaching

• weekend crash courses

RSS mindset OVER bullshit University podcast (audio-ONLY)

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3 Videos
Click here for my Multiple Sclerosis journey
NO CHARGE resources for BEING better
Inspirational Talks
Wellness tips & tricks


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Member of Matthews Business Group MBN

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